Week of November 27th

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HAPPY Monday!!   We did it!!! Thank you for pushing through and keeping the focus on the main thing: Teaching and Learning!!!    I certainly hope that all of you enjoyed your full week off!  You deserved it!!!  I hope you got some rest and did some shopping!  Just 20 days left in the first semester!

Monday, November 27th   marks the 70th  day of school.   By now everyone has heard the updates to the CCRPI for this year.  With a heavy emphasis on ELA and Math, as well as students making typical and high growth, we have talked through several actions plans regarding addressing progress; one being, utilizing our instructional plans (that were given to all teachers during our work day) to group our students during guided reading /math and especially during small  groups.  Targeting are target students with enrichment and remediation opportunities will allow them the chance to demonstrate high growth and achievement.



There are some exciting things happening at Fickett, please make sure you read the entire blog.

I wish everyone a smooth 16th  week of school!

Quote for the week…Data…2017-11-24_9-49-09


New Manager Integration Feedback, knocking out a little at a time…feedback.gif

1. School-Wide Discipline Behavior system… A team was created and will present our new system on Tuesday during our morning meeting.

2. Recognizing all team member’s strengths and using them accordingly…

  • The Kindergarten Team created the hiring process for our Pre-K position. They did a phenomenal job! We have a new PRE-K teacher!!! You will meet her on Tuesday. 
  • Ms. Garlington and her team organized and planned all events related to Vision to Learn.  At least 200 students received eyeglasses because of their efforts.
  • Ms. Leverett organized the hiring process for our Special Education teacher and boy did she do an amazing job! We have a winner who will start this week. We have a new IRR teacher!!! You will meet her on Tuesday. 
  • Ms. Brown organized our Character Day Parade and it was a huge success!
  • Ms. Burchfield took on a new teacher mentee to help her navigate her last days in her master’s degree program.
  • New: In one of the focus groups, someone shared the need to know exactly what the administration team is looking for regarding instruction…We created the TKES Progress sheets to let you know specifically what we will look for when we come to your individual rooms.
  • New…I know in the first 40 or so days communication seemed to be all over the place…and this is common in a new role…because you are still learning and trying to figure out how best to operate. Just know, I am working on a communication template, once the lead team reviews and revise, I will begin to use this in the new year.  So, you know sometimes how we get information about things from word of mouth or just in passing???…If you do not receive a form like the one below…it is not true and have not been reviewed by our leadership team.
  • 2017-11-24_10-06-44

3. Notifying teachers regarding parent concerns and allowing the teachers to schedule conferences or at least be prepared before time….

  • As of a few weeks ago, we created a new protocol, parents must complete a concern sheet regarding any issue they are having. The teacher is contacted and the concerns are shared giving the teacher a chance to resolve the issue. If there is a need for a meeting,  the teacher leads the meeting and takes full control of the outcome with an administrator sitting in for support.

Video of the week:

Ms. Debose Morning Affirmation (Step Team) I love this! #IamSOMEBODY!



Kudos to the entire team for orchestrating such a wonderful TOTY event. Congratulations again to our very own, Ms. Nixon. Well deserved! 20171117_095210

Kudos to Ms. King for setting up the visit from Mr. Harold Martin, the President of Morehouse College.  I also want to give Kudos to Jacob and Ashton for being our Good Will Ambassadors. They did a phenomenal job with showing our guest around the school and sharing fun facts. Before we got started, Jacob welcomed Mr. Martin with coffee, doughnuts, and great conversation! (Featured in the picture below)  


Kudos to our teacher leaders for leading dynamic Professional Learning Sessions before our break…


Check them out…


Kudos to Mr. Perrino….As I continue to build relationships with our parents some of them become very comfortable being transparent about their dire situations. Here’s what happened…I had an upset parent who wanted to meet with me so I asked her to fill out my concern form.  She rushed and completed my form within 20 seconds (I kid you not) and eased her cute little sassy self into my conference room and began to complain about her children’s teachers. The issues she described were so trivial and I called her on all them…Next, I asked her, ” What is really going on with you?  Long story short, she stated she was homeless and had nowhere to take her children that night. Because of Mr. Perrino’s contact and with many conversations during the holiday break we were able to find her a place to stay!  A place she can call her own! Thank you, Mr. Perrino, for helping to increase students’ life chances.


Curriculum and Instruction:

Please continue to reach out for support regarding your TKES progress sheets…We want to be transparent in our approach, so, therefore, this tool will be used as a guide for observations and feedback. Our feedback and observations will only focus on the areas noted in this document in hopes of tailoring our feedback to support you further. We will also continue to create PLs around the support needed.


We hope that you find this tool to be beneficial in support of building/extending your capacity, which will positively impact our students’ progress/achievement.


Classroom Walk-Throughs: This will be our focus for this week:


  1. TKES Standard #1 Uses higher level questions & thinking skills in instruction
  2.  TKES Standard #2: Analyzes and uses data  (Star, Unit Assessment Data, Benchmark Data)
  3. TKES Standard # 3 Use visual aids (manipulatives concrete stage, representational or pictorial stage and abstract state, thinking maps/graphic organizers, anchor charts)


School DATA:

School culture.gif

Check out our top three A.R. classes at each grade level!!! I am so excited that ALL of our students are reading!!!!!  According to our data…out boys are reading more than our girls! Gooo Boys!!!! 



Other interesting A.R. Data…


Cluster Data…Once a month I attend our  Principal’s meeting with my boss, and the Superintendent. They display EVERY schools’ data to the entire district. This will be the start of sharing this data with you guys. I am copying from the powerpoint sent to our cluster. 


Excited to Announce Fickett’s Professional Development Catalog


You will receive certificates of completion for the PDS you have attended thus far.


Please do not forget about our ongoing Professional Development Workshops to support and enrich our practices. Now that you have your TKES progress report ask for more support if you wish.  Please click on the link to view our catalog…




Here are just a few of our ongoing PDs…

Using your Data Wisely- This course will demonstrate how to use your data for flexible grouping and how to create independent small groups for students to support them with their deficient areas found in their student data binder.

Annotating Objectives- This course will demonstrate how to annotate objectives and use them throughout the lessons to help students make connections.

Following the units of study and organizing the important information in the Lessons at a Glance.  This course will demonstrate how to identify the particular content to be taught and your goals for learning outcomes.

Accelerated Reader- This course will demonstrate how to pull reports, how to monitor the books your students’ are reading and how to find ways to ensure your students are reading routinely.

Effective Behavior interventions- This course will demonstrate how to put the Right systems, Practices, and Data in place to support Positive Behavior.

Math Strategies that work- This course will demonstrate how to support active student participation in math lessons which allows teachers to assess the developing proficiency levels of all students in the class by walking around to monitor student responses.   These strategies are especially effective during the Mental Math part of an Everyday Mathematics lesson.

Parent Involvement: Please be sure to continue to set up Parent Student Conferences…Please allow your students to lead the conference using their Data Binders.

Spread a positive word – Teachers should make one call that’s all (at least every other week) to share a positive word or update parents.

Game Room–  Be on the look for GAME ROOM changes to address the feedback from our focus groups.

Events, Announcements, and Reminders:

upcoming events.gif


Instruction starts between 8:10-8:15 daily.

SEL: Should take place before the instructional day

POD and DOL must take place before the instructional day.

USE your Instructional plans to inform small group instruction.

This week…


Next Week: 2017-11-20_13-38-13

Link to our school-wide calendar: https://tinyurl.com/okg46dm



  • Lead Team, We will meet on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, @ 3:00 P.M. Place: Ms. Woods Classroom.  We will present out on The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. (We will talk more about the feedback and discuss the best “teams ” to move the work. (Snacks will be served…sorry for not canceling on the 7th. )



Click on the link to access our ONGOING Professional Development support.



Click below to sign up for our PL on November 28, 2017




A Message from our Instructional Coaches:


Dr. Varnado-

Dr. Blunt-

Mr. Doby-



December Birthdays!!!!!




Important web links for reference: (These will be included every week)download (1)

Advanced Leave Request Form:


APS Curriculum and Instruction Home Page:


TKES Georgia TLE site:


Tiers 1-3 interventions:


Discipline Referral Google Link


Number Talks Link:


Math Strategies that work:


Reading Strategies that work: These are only examples…


Need Support from our Educational Technology Specialist? Click below to request Gina Wilson’s services.


Feedback:  http://tinyAPS.com/?ETS_FeedbackForm

Preferred Substitute List:

HODGES, GLORIA3-5 (678) 401-5223
Ms. Middlebrooks, K-2  (404) 696-0317
BARLOW, SHIRLEY k-3 (404) 758-1991

Cedric Oglesby (Certified Teacher) K-5 (678)481-3316

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