Week of October 16, 2017

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HAPPY MONDAY!!!! It is hard to believe we are already into October, and Fall break has come and gone!!!    Monday marks the 49th  day of school, which means there are only 45 days remaining in the 1st semester!!! 49 days down…..132 days to go!

Team, Thank you so much for your day-to-day effort with our students and your relentless commitment to making sure that our children have better life chances. I know that sometimes this job never gets the accolades that other jobs do but I want you to know that every night I go home, I go home confident that we did well by our students. So, thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you!             


The feedback is here …The feedback is here!!! Team, I met with the consultant this early this week to discuss the feedback and have devised a plan to redeliver the feedback and talk about our next steps! Please save the following date Tuesday, October 24, 2017, from 3:00- 5:00. Heavy Refreshments will be served.

This is still the video of the year…….Check out what happened during our 1st Grade AR Award Show….


There are some exciting things happening at Fickett, please make sure you read the entire blog.

I wish everyone a smooth 11th week of school!

Quote for the week…(This quote is talking to me!)


  • Kudos to the following team members: The bulletin board winners are Ms. Burchfield, Ms. Nixon, and Ms. P. Scott (You will receive a token of appreciation)
  • Kudos to Ms. Endicott she will present at the NSTA National Conference in March! Be sure to give her a HIGH FIVE! Look below…
  • Kudos to Ms. Leverette she was chosen by district officials to be a part of the Aspiring Assistant Principal Program for the 2017-2018 school year. Please support her as she will be given extra duties to support her practice. 
  • Kudos to ALL of our Professional Development Facilitators who lead dynamic PDs on last Tuesday! Dr. Varnado, Dr. Blunt,  Ms. Lewis,  Ms. Scott, Mr. Doby, Ms. Garlington
  • Kudos to the first-grade team for taking their math fluency drills! They are so serious about their drills!  Thank you, Dr. Blunt!!!20171006_074114 Kuduo to our fifth-grade girls for showing up in style at our first annual Awesome Girl’s Tea!


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Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Data Binders: Students should be creating goals and documenting assessments in their binders. The Team will come around this week to interview your students.  The interview will include completing the student goal sheet for every student. This will not be a quick process; therefore, we will pull students out of enrichment to complete this task. (This task is still underway)

 Classroom Walk-Throughs: This will be our focus for this week: tenor

  1.  Evidence and solid implementation of the Week at a Glance.


School Culture:

School culture.gif

Check out our top two A.R. classes on each grade level!!!

(Hello, Ms. Watkins!!! ) 

(New) Report pulled on 10/13/17



Attendance Winners:

Ms. Rainwater -Pre K

Ms. Thomas- K

Ms. Echols- 1st

Ms. Scott- 1st

Ms. Allen- 2nd

Ms. Njie- 3rd 100%

Ms. Jackson-4th

Mr. Everette- 5th

Dr. Opigo-3rd-5th


Excited to Announce Fickett’s Professional Development Catalog


You will receive certificates of completion for the PDS you have attended thus far.

Team do not forget a out  our ongoing Professional Development Workshops to support and enrich our practices. Please click on the link to view our catalog…


Please be sure to sign up for your PD before Tuesday.  Click below.




Here are just a few of our ongoing PDs…

Using your Data Wisely- This course will demonstrate how to use your data for flexible grouping and how to create independent small groups for students to support them with their deficient areas found in their student data binder.

Annotating Objectives- This course will demonstrate how to annotate objectives and use them throughout the lessons to help students make connections.

Following the units of study and organizing the important information in the Lessons at a Glance.  This course will demonstrate how to identify the particular content to be taught and your goals for learning outcomes.

Accelerated Reader- This course will demonstrate how to pull reports, how to monitor the books your students’ are reading and how to find ways to ensure your students are reading routinely.

Effective Behavior interventions- This course will demonstrate how to put the Right systems, Practices, and Data in place to support Positive Behavior.

Math Strategies that work- This course will demonstrate how to support active student participation in math lessons which allows teachers to assess the developing proficiency levels of all students in the class by walking around to monitor student responses.   These strategies are especially effective during the Mental Math part of an Everyday Mathematics lesson.

Parent Involvement: Please be sure to continue to set up Parent Student Conferences…Please allow your students to lead the conference using their Data Binders.

Spread a positive word – Teachers should make one call that’s all (at least every other week) to share a positive word or update parents.

Game Room–  Be on the look for GAME ROOM changes to address the feedback from our focus groups.

Events, Announcements, and Reminders:

upcoming events.gif


Instruction starts between 8:10-8:15 daily.

SEL: Should take place before the instructional day

POD and DOL must take place before the instructional day.

This week…

Link to our school-wide calendar: https://tinyurl.com/okg46dm

Mon Oct 16 All day

 Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Can-A -Thon

All day

 Report Cards Go Home

All day

 Ronald McDonald Care Mobile

All day

All day

 Global Hand Washing Day! (CDC)

All day

 “Friends of the Library” Week

Tue Oct 17 All day

 Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Can-A -Thon

All day

 “Friends of the Library” Week

3:00pm – 4:00pm

 Professional Development Tuesdays – Fickett Elementary School, 3935 Rux Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331, USA This recurring event is part of a series.

6:00pm – 7:00pm

 PTA Meeting

6:30pm – 7:30pm

 Title 1 Parent Workshop

Wed Oct 18 All day

 Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Can-A -Thon

All day

 “Friends of the Library” Week

10:00am – 12:30pm

 (Special Olympics) Elementary BOCCE – Coan Park, 1530 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30317, USA

Thu Oct 19 All day

 Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Can-A -Thon

All day

 “Friends of the Library” Week

10:30am – 11:30am

 Title 1 Meeting

Fri Oct 20 All day

 Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry Can-A -Thon

All day

 “Friends of the Library” Week

All day

 Red Ribbon/Hosea Helps Sock Hop

11:00am – 2:00pm

Atlanta Public Schools State of the District: Homecoming – Michael R. Hollis Innovation Academy – 225 James P Brawley Drive Northwest – Atlanta, GA 30314

Coming soon…

  • Focus Group Feedback Staff Meeting – 10/24/17 Time: 3:00-5:00 Refreshments will be served. 
  • Trojan Rally -Monday, November 6th  Guest Speaker- Pam Hall, Chief Human Resource Officer 



Click on the link to access our ONGOING Professional Development support.



A Message from our Instructional Coaches:


Dr. Varnado-   None for this week

Dr. Blunt-  None for this week

Mr. Doby- None for this week



October Birthdays!!!!!




Important web links for reference: (These will be included every week)download (1)

Advanced Leave Request Form:


APS Curriculum and Instruction Home Page:


TKES Georgia TLE site:


Tiers 1-3 interventions:


Discipline Referral Google Link


Number Talks Link:


Math Strategies that work:


Reading Strategies that work: These are only examples…


Need Support from our Educational Technology Specialist? Click below to request Gina Wilson’s services.


Feedback:  http://tinyAPS.com/?ETS_FeedbackForm



Preferred Substitute List:

HODGES, GLORIA3-5 (678) 401-5223
Ms. Middlebrooks, K-2  (404) 696-0317
BARLOW, SHIRLEY k-3 (404) 758-1991

Cedric Oglesby (Certified Teacher) K-5 (678)481-3316

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