Week of October 2nd


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HAPPY MONDAY!!!! It is hard to believe we are already into October, and Fall break is just around the corner.    Monday marks the 41st  day of school, which means there are only 50 days remaining in the 1st semester!!! 41 days down…..137 days to go!

Thank you so much for giving your time on yesterday during our customer service training. Like our consultant stated, in order for anyone to get better be it a small business, corporation, teacher, principal, etc.  you have to receive constant feedback so that you know your approach is effective or not. I also appreciate you giving up your time today to attend our focus groups. I asked for a consultant to come in, someone who is not from the district,  to collect real feedback so I can approve my practice. Before the consultant spoke with you, I asked her to press you for specific examples so I will know exactly what I need to do to make your jobs better and most importantly help me to grow as a leader. Please note…I am not interested in who said what nor was the information offered to me…this  process was TOTALLY anonymous .

I assure you that there is no such thing as negative feedback, so therefore I look forward to receiving my analytical packet on how I can improve. In fact, I am excited because I will know specifically how to lead.

So again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to give me feedback.

Video of the YEAR….Check out what happened during our 1st Grade AR Awards Show….

There are some exciting things happening at Fickett, please make sure you read the entire blog.

I wish everyone a smooth 10th week of school!

Quote for the week…






Drum Roll Please……

The I care award goes to…..Mr. Everette!!!!!

The Best Practices Award goes to…..Ms. Amey!!!!

The employee of the Month goes to….Ms. Woods!!!!

Please join us on Tuesday in the media center before out PDs to celebrate our team members!!!


  • Kudos to ALL of our Professional Development Facilitators who lead dynamic PDs on last Tuesday! Dr. Varnado, Dr. Blunt,  Ms. King, Ms. Scott, Mr. Doby, Ms. Leverette,  and our Guest Facilitator, Ms. Mechelle Reynolds20170919_15511620170919_154339
  • Kudos to the 4th and 5th-grade team, for helping to stir the excitement around math fact fluency!!  Meet our newest Multiplication Queen, N. Dorsey!20170929_080444


  • Kudos to Ms. Gigi, Ms. Hall and Ms. Allen for hosting our GRANDPARENTS!!! WE HAD OVER ONE HUNDRED  PEOPLE TO ATTEND! Thanks for being creative and thinking outside of the box!20170929_09285720170929_092503.jpg
  • Kudos to the following teachers for having the best attendance on their grade level for this past week!


  • Kudos to the following homerooms for continuing to have their students to take AR tests, here is a summary of each class’ word count.
  • Kudos to our APS Officers for being committed to our students…#Mentorship
  • 20170928_125713


Check out our top two A.R. classes on each grade level!!! (Hello Mr. Everette and Ms. Nixon!!! ) 





Curriculum and Instruction:

  • Intervention and Progress Monitoring data for all Tier 2 and Tier 3 students, is due in Infinite Campus by OCTOBER  2nd. 
  • Please see Ms. Garlington if you have 

  • any questions or concerns. 

  •  Need some ideas for Number Talks? Click the link:


  • Homework – Homework should be meaningful. Students may practice current standards or review standards.  This is an opportunity for independent practice.
  • Post Assessments-
  • Math Drills – Begin giving students addition or multiplication fact drills through song, timed quizzes, etc.
  • Instructional Practices – Standards must be posted, as well as annotated objectives with IOTs
  • Data Binders: Students should be creating goals and documenting assessments in their binders. The Team will come around this week to interview your students.  The interview will include completing the student goal sheet for every student. This will not be a quick process; therefore, we will pull students out of enrichment to complete this task.

 Classroom Walk-Throughs: This will be our focus for this week: tenor

  1.  Evidence and solid implementation of the Week at a Glance.
  2. Now that we have finished the first unit of study, we have our data and now we need to go back and reteach those students who did not master the standards (the red and yellow students)  during your small group time for ELA and  Math. During small groups/stations, please be sure to have a review center so that those students who did not master the standards in unit 1 will have an opportunity to practice. Please be sure to label the station review or something similar.  Also, don’t forget to give homework that aligns to the standards they did not master in unit 1 for further practice. .Lastly,  be sure to pull those students in small or large groups based on their deficiencies and reteach explicitly the standard/s they did not master. Here is how you can be creative, look at all of your students and create a plan to reteach them using all of your resources. This may mean  Ms. Grant’s  class visiting her neighbor’s class to be retaught a standard they did not master. The same class may visit Ms.  Grant’s class to be retaught a standard. If this is something you decide to do, please run it by the coaches so they can support you. I ask that you designate one day in the week if you decide to reteach in this way.The instructional coaches will use the district Benchmark, that will be given in a few short weeks, to gauge whether or not your yellow and red students will  need more intense support.
  3. Depth of  Knowledge: Tasks must align to DOK 2…then gradually release to 3 and then  4…in order for students to truly master the standards…Also,  Please be sure to ask questions using DOK 3 and 4. In order for students to practice rigor.
    Level 2: Skills and Concepts
    At this level, a student must make some decisions about his or her approach. Tasks with more than one mental step such as comparing, organizing, summarizing, predicting, and estimating are usually Level 2.
    Level 3: Strategic Thinking
    At this level of complexity, students must use planning and evidence, and thinking is more abstract. A task with multiple valid responses where students must justify their choices would be Level 3. Examples include solving non-routine problems, designing an experiment, or analyzing characteristics of a genre.
    Level 4: Extended Thinking
    Level 4 tasks require the most complex cognitive effort. Students synthesize information from multiple sources, often over an extended period of time, or transfer knowledge from one domain to solve problems in another. Designing a survey and interpreting the results, analyzing multiple texts by to extract themes, or writing an original myth in an ancient style would all be examples of Level 4
  4.  Use of IB Language, ” Kelli, thank you for being a risk-taker by taking a shot at answering this question!” This is a must!
  5. Annotated objectives for all subjects (The coaches will support you this during your PLC time)/ Students are expected to be able to explain what they are doing as it related to the language of the standard.
  6.  We are an IB school so Essential Agreements (Be sure the words “Essential Agreements are written” )should be visibly posted in your classrooms.
  7.  Instructional Strategies relevant to the standards must be used daily. Here is a circle map (Thinking Map) showing visually all the ways to show 7,542. Also, here is a flow map comparing decimals…just examples…



Math Strategies that work: https://tinyurl.com/yaug9pt8


Reading Strategies that work: These are only examples…


School Culture:

School culture.gif


Parent Involvement: Please be sure to continue to set up Parent Student Conferences…Please allow your students to lead the conference using their Data Binders.

Spread a positive word – Teachers should make one call that’s all (at least every other week) to share a positive word or update parents.

Game Room–  The Game Room operation hours are ONLY during lunch and recess. If your students are not returning on time, please contact Mr. Perrino.

90% Attendance Rule
Please ensure that you are maintaining accurate attendance records. As many of you know, the “90% Attendance Rule” is starting this year, which means that attendance will determine whether a student’s performance will affect a teacher’s Student Growth rating.  The attendance team will continue to do our part by making sure our parents understand the importance of coming to school.

Discipline Referral Google Link- Team, please complete the behavior referral form when there is a need. Once you submit the form we are immediately notified via email.


Excited to Announce Fickett’s Professional Development Catalog


You will receive certificates of completion for the PDS you have attended thus far.

I am excited to announce our ongoing Professional Development Workshops to support and enrich our practices. Please click on the link to view our catalog…


Please be sure to sign up for your PD before Tuesday.  Click below.





Here are just a few of our ongoing PDs…

Using your Data Wisely- This course will demonstrate how to use your data for flexible grouping and how to create independent small groups for students to support them with their deficient areas found in their student data binder.

Annotating Objectives- This course will demonstrate how to annotate objectives and use them throughout the lessons to help students make connections.

Following the units of study and organizing the important information in the Lessons at a Glance.  This course will demonstrate how to identify the particular content to be taught and your goals for learning outcomes.

Accelerated Reader- This course will demonstrate how to pull reports, how to monitor the books your students’ are reading and how to find ways to ensure your students are reading routinely.

Effective Behavior interventions- This course will demonstrate how to put the Right systems, Practices, and Data in place to support Positive Behavior.

Math Strategies that work- This course will demonstrate how to support active student participation in math lessons which allows teachers to assess the developing proficiency levels of all students in the class by walking around to monitor student responses.   These strategies are especially effective during the Mental Math part of an Everyday Mathematics lesson.

Events, Announcements, and Reminders:

upcoming events.gif


Please make sure you pick your students up on time from lunch and specials! 

Morning Protocol (based on your feedback):

Based on your feedback regarding the POD, DOL, and AR. When students walk into the classroom, the first thing they should do is grab their break-FAST and begin working on the POD or DOL… Remember, this is only practice. If a student comes in late, they will miss this opportunity…we can not afford to start ELA late because it throws off everything else. Regarding AR…students can read and take tests when they finish an assignment early, during your small group instruction, and in the morning when they arrive before 7:50. Regarding SEL…it is okay to circle up when you are missing students in the morning. SEL should be completed by 8:10

It is imperative that Instruction starts at 8:15 A.M. every day. 

This week…

Link to our school-wide calendar: https://tinyurl.com/okg46dm

Lead Team: October 4th….Book Study Report out

Place: Media Center. Remember to report out as a team. 



Coming soon…

  • Fire Safety Month (Assembly – K-2 October 24th) 
  • Bully Prevention Month
  • Global Handwashing Day October 16th
  • Did you know the game room is available for after-school team building activities for your grade level team? Email me and I will communicate to our game room monitor, Mr. Perrino.  He will make sure the room is set up; he will show you how to use the gaming systems and the karaoke machine.



Click on the link to access our ONGOING Professional Development support.



A Message from our Instructional Coaches:


Dr. Varnado-  Please continue to use the language of IB! She will talk more about this in PLCs

Dr. Blunt- We will use the Data Wise Rolling Agenda for ELA starting next week

Mr. Doby- Math PLC-



October Birthdays!!!!!




Important web links for reference: (These will be included every week)download (1)

Advanced Leave Request Form:


APS Curriculum and Instruction Home Page:


TKES Georgia TLE site:


Tiers 1-3 interventions:


Discipline Referral Google Link


Need Support from our Educational Technology Specialist? Click below to request Gina Wilson’s services.

Request Technology  Instructional Support for your classroom:


Feedback:  http://tinyAPS.com/?ETS_FeedbackForm

Preferred Substitute List:

HODGES, GLORIA3-5 (678) 401-5223
Ms. Middlebrooks, K-2  (404) 696-0317
BARLOW, SHIRLEY k-3 (404) 758-1991

Cedric Oglesby (Certified Teacher) K-5 (678)481-3316

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